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Topic: [FAQ] Purchasing a license

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a license for CuteNews.
First of all, The forum support members have nothing to do with the licenses. So any license related questions should be addressed to the author --> support@cutephp.com

With every purchased license you are allowed to remove the annoying "Powered by CuteNews..." line and your copy of the script will be authorized on the domain where the installation is located.

This is NOT an automated process so this may take a while before you receive your license.
And with 'a while' i do mean within a few hours -> a month.
Or you may be lucky and receive it the next day.
This extra notice is for people who complained about this on the forum. Though i doubt people search about buying a license first.
Anyhow, here it is.

Registration Process:
<ol type='1'> * Purchase a CuteNews license through our various payment options. (PayPal, ShareIt, Bank Transfer)
* You'll recieve email confirming your purchase and a unique registration number. Which may take some time. Be aware the mail wi'll be send to the email address connected to your paypal/share it acount.
* Login to the Customer Area to obtain your reg. file
* Simply upload the reg. file and CuteNews will become licensed, all the annoying lines are removed.

license.txt that came with the CuteNews zip file wrote:

CutePHP.com Software License Agreement

1. This Software License Agreement is a legal agreement between you,
the end-user ("Licensee"), and Authors of software ("Authors"). By
using our software or storing it on a computer hard drive (or other
type of media), you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this

Author hereby disclaims all warranties and guarantees regarding the
use, or the results of use, of the software in terms of correctness,
accuracy, reliability or otherwise. The Author will not be responsible
for any incidental, consequential, direct or indirect damages. You
also agree that the disclaimer is the complete and exclusive statement
of agreement between the parties and supersede all proposals or prior
agreements, oral or written, and any other communications between the
parties relating to the subject matter of the disclaimer.

3. All copyrights to "CutePHP.com" are exclusively owned by the author
- Georgi Avramov.

4. You can use CutePHP.com Software for free (non-commercial needs) as
long as you do not remove / edit, and keep visible the "Powered by..."
line (displayed on every page where the script is included) without
the explicit written permission of CutePHP.com or payed registration.
The Software is licensed only to you. You may not rent, lease,
sublicense, sell, assign, pledge, transfer or otherwise dispose of the
Software in any form, on a temporary or permanent basis, without the
prior written consent of CutePHP.com

5. Users may modify software code for their personal use (at their own
risk), but any altered code must not be redistributed or resold in any
form without the explicit written permission of CutePHP.com

6. Registered Users/Customers (purchased-license holders) are allowed
to remove the 'Powered by...' line.

6.1 All customers must include the URL of the domain where the Script
will be used. This is done through the Customer Area at CutePHP.com

6.2 Customers are allowed to install the script only on the domain
stated in their license. This means that the Licensee can install the
script only on one domain per license purchased. Multiple instances of
the script (installations) are allowed in the scope of the licensed

6.3 Once you are in receipt of our software, License fees are
non-refundable. We encourage you to verify (by installing the free
version) that the software is working on your server and no problems
are occurring.

6.4 Un-Official technical support will be provided in our forums from
voluntary members to both Registered and Un-Registered Users.

This Agreement will terminate automatically upon failure to comply
with the limitations described herein or on written notice from an
authorized representative of CutePHP.com. On termination, you must
destroy all copies of the Software within 48 hours.