Topic: $PHP_SELF Problem

Hey there,

i've got the following problem. on my index.php i want to include the cutenews. the cutenews is in the folder /news

My index.php looks like the following:

case "news": include("news.php"); break;
default: include("news.php"); break;

the news.php in the root includes:

 $number = "4";
 $category = "1,2";
$QUERY_STRING = 'action=news';

how do i have to edit the news.php when i'll use $PHP_SELF = 'X.php'; or $QUERY_STRING = 'X'; ???

thanks a lot for your help!

Re: $PHP_SELF Problem

Dear User!

Please would you specify the purpose of changing the "news.php" file and using the "PHP_SELF и QUERY_STRING" in the code?

Best regards,
CN Support team