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I need help for a problem I have with RSS reader on my newsboard.
In my administration panel I go through Control Panel > Integration Wizards > RSS Setup and Integration > Proceed with RSS configuration.

In this page, in "URL of the page where you include your news" I specify the URL of my website where the newsboard appears, as title of the RSS I entered the title of the site, encoding UTF-8 and language it (I am Italian).

In the next screen, in number of articles, I insert 5 and show from all categories. I save everything, but every time I try to click on "URL Address of your RSS:", this error appears:
How can I fix that?

Re: RSS feed doesn't work

if i where to guess i'd say you have a html entity somwhere in your news that isn't properly ended
& in your article being &amp
browsers can mostly cope with this, but for an rss feed it is critical.

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Re: RSS feed doesn't work

Well, it is not possible because i don't use html entities like that one... i need A LOT of special characters as in italian you have to use some accent... so i had to find a way to make cute-news show those characters! I put a header function (php) in my .php file where the news have to be shown, and in the index.php file of cutenews directory. Doing this make either the site and the news to be shown correctly, but the RSS feed gives me that error I don't know if removing that line makes the RSS feed to work, but if I do, then cutenews'll stop showing the special characters! And I really don't want to write html entities for every accent...

EDIT: Sorry for my really bad english, and thanks for your help!

Re: RSS feed doesn't work

It's definitely a html entity.
Maybe the CN urls are at fault? In CN 1.4.6 they where used as & and not like &
Not sure how it is now for 1.4.7.
You can try be editing the rss template.

Re: RSS feed doesn't work

so, there is no solution?