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Topic: Search Help

Hi guys I wanted to add a searchbox on my home page but when I make the search I get the results above the article.

I'd like to see just the result in the same place as the articles but without showing them.

How can I fix this?

This is the code:

if($action == "search" || $dosearch == "yes")
     $action = "search";
     $dosearch = "yes";
$category = $_GET['cid'];
$category = "3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12";

Also when someone comments the comment get posted but people got redirected to the main page and not to the fullstory.

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it's been over 3 hours now. Time to 'Up' it again.

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Yeah ahaahah XD but the answer to my problem would be better than that suggestion XD