Topic: Using the Lightbox with arrows

I'am on an older version of Cutenews, using the Advance Image Hack and lightbox.
Is there anyway how I can get the Next and Previous arrows into the pictures?

Lightbox is working fine exept the arrows wich will not show up.
Any help will be appreciated.

Grt, Wim

Re: Using the Lightbox with arrows

I think you should be on the latest version. Mine works fine!

But can you show me any link where is telling how to implementate it.

Re: Using the Lightbox with arrows

The post was spam (link to a commercial website in profile + the fact that he just joined to write that? Yeah, no) and has therefore been deleted.

Re: Using the Lightbox with arrows

I don't use Lightbox, I use Highslide but the idea must be the same.
The code is inserted into $link1 in
My code is inserted here.

                else {
$link1 = htmlspecialchars('<a id="thumb1" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this)" href="'.$config_http_script_dir.'/data/upimages/'.($folder == '' ? '' : $folder.'/').$file.'">');

You will need to work out what code Lightbox needs to insert the arrows and then make sure the necessary css for lightbox is on the page where you have the cutenews include.