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Topic: PLease someone help

Ok i have just about had all I can take from this script. Everyone of the cutenews script on the different website are mess up




these are just a few !!! last week they all worked fine. If there is not a fix or help out there.. CAN SOMEONE please point me in the right Direction to a script THAT works  like cutenews use to???

HERE is another problem  WHY IS IT WHEN I POST SOMETHING and SAVE it shows up. then when I go back in to that post it deleted form the edit page section. THEN i re add the content and save it shows up again. over and over again.

************* come on Cutenews :-(  you are making it way to easy to move on to your competitors script.


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Re: PLease someone help

Dear User!

Many thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, the information you've provided is not enough to find the cause of your problems. Please would you specify what CuteNews version is installed on each of your web sites?

As for the  http://baileymotorsports.ca/main/index.php?ucat=6 we can see that you use the latest version of CuteNews 1.5, and all seems to look fine.

At the http://barnettmotorsports.ca/main/index.php tags are seen maybe because of the document saved not in the HTML format.

The web site http://www.mounceracing.com/index.php seems to lack the correct links to the images that might be not saved on the server. Please try checking the path to the images: it should be specified as Options > System Configurations.

Please would you also attach some screenshots clarifying your bugs? It would be great if you described the issues that lead to this bug step by step.

Best regards,
CN Support team