Topic: cutenews 1.4.6 and php 5.4

I am using cutenews 1.4.6 with some of the hacks posted on this forum. I have been using this for almost 4 years now with no problems.
site url is
The site is VERY, VERY large and to upgrade to cutenews 1.4.7 is not a option.
Our server provider ( ) is switching to php5.4 in a couple of months. When I change to the php5.4 from php4 I get serveral errors. I took a screenshot of the errors and that screenshot.png is at url … enshot.png
I really do need help to find a solution to my problem. Can you tell me what code to change and where to resolve problems. I really do appreciate any help.


Re: cutenews 1.4.6 and php 5.4

All those can be fixed.
Read this:

and more....

Try the changes and then ask if you need further help.