Topic: RSS feed errors in latest Cutenews

Oh well, just wrote you a message, clicked spellcheck then got sent to the spellcheck dictionary download page and  . . . hey presto the whole message vanished. Not a good start, needs fixing.

So here I go again. I was very happy with the previous release of Cutenews and only upgraded when I found it didn't work with newer PHP releases.

But the RSS feed in the latest Cutenews release seems very messed up. I have updated customizerss.tpl as recommended elsewhere in this forum.

When you submit the RSS to a newsreader (try using in a news reader) you see a mixmash of items, some very old. It does not show the active news only and I can find no way to configure this.

And why (still) do clickable thumbails not open when clicked in a new popup window?

My scripting knowledge is OK, but is also like a 5-year-old driving a car who then meets a 3-year-old who flies a Lear jet. I've looked to find clues to fix the above but no luck

As its a news system, and I operate a new website, a correctly functioning RSS newsfeed is paramount if one is to be used at all.

Help guys, what's the error in the script here as I am certain it is not a misconfigration at my end, rather I think it is in the scripting somewhere.

Re: RSS feed errors in latest Cutenews

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