Topic: Won't Let me Post News

Whenever I go to the "Add News" section in the cutenews admin panel and I type in my title for the news article and then the content, I press add news and it redirects me to an error page that says:

The selected news item cannot be found | Go back"

Please help, thank you.

Re: Won't Let me Post News

Having the same problem but I don't get any info, just a quick refresh.

Re: Won't Let me Post News

Is anyone going to help?

Re: Won't Let me Post News

Hey guys,

i have the same problem. cutenews installation well done. all permissions are green. all changes of options are saved.

But i´m not able to post any news. if i click at "add news" the window will be refreshed and nothing happends. if i click at "preview" nothing happends too.

Whats the problems?

FTP permission at the folder cdata and its subfolders and files is 777.

THX for ur help.

Re: Won't Let me Post News

Go into your FTP server find the file "news.txt" and you have to change the permissions. It worked for my CuteNews.