Topic: Advan ced Image Plugin

HI I downloaded the advanced image plugin from your site.  After several attempts to get it to work I finally did.  When I create a new news article and add a picture I can put it in and chose the type I want to place in the article.

THe problem is when I go to a page to look at the news the following code shows at the top of the entries.If I uninstall the plugin the code disappears.

\n'); newWin.document.write('\n'); newWin.document.write('\n'); newWin.document.write(''); newWin.document.write(' \n 
\n \n\n\x3Cscript language="javascript" type="text/javascript">\n\n\x3C/script>\n'); newWin.document.write(''); newWin.document.close() newWin.focus(); }

Any idea what causes or how to fix? Thanks!