Topic: Custom Error Messages

Hello, i would like to change as much as i can error messages for my need.
I'm using the latest utf-8 CN by korn19, version 9.1.1 and i want to use specific this one, and not other version(even if it's newer).
So, I was trying to change some basic errors, and couldn't find where i actually may do so. For instance, the blank comment error: The comment cannot be blank.
I search for that text at all the files of cute news, and couldn't find it. I only need to feet it to my new design, and can't find this error messages.
If someone know the answer, plz do and help me.


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Re: Custom Error Messages

Is this possible?

Re: Custom Error Messages

Well, it's definitely should be possible, i mean why not?

DEAR SUPPORT, please answer how can i edit this errors, it's really annoying!