Topic: com-link link doesn't work. Refers to print?

Good evening,

at first I wanna excuse my bad english. I hope you'll understand.

So the topic is that I want Cutenews to show the comments and full-story in a pop up. But somehow Cutenews missunderstands the com-link that should actually refer to the comments and the full-story and links to the print-section.
So the problem is: I cannot post comments or see them or the full-story.
Here is the link to my website and you can take a look on your own:

I'm using the newest version of Cutenews and I was searching for possibly wrong set options everywhere but couldn'd find any mistake. The older version I used to use didn'd had that kind of problem.
So where's the mistake? What can I do?
Please help. =/

Re: com-link link doesn't work. Refers to print?

Dear Alunaria,

Our technicians have checked your problem. It seems that the problem is solved. Still, some minor alterations in code are needed. Please correct  line 654 in 'core/news.php' code: 'print.php' should be changed to 'popup.php'.

Best regards,
CN Support team