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Hi, I recently upgraded from v2.0.3 to v2.0.4 and since then scheduled posts are not appearing on my website. When I log in to cutenews I can see the post in the white section (ie published), and if I click on to edit, then save changes the post appears on my site. But, not at the scheduled time like they used to.

My upgrade methodology was:
Backed up my files
Deleted all files except cdata and uploads folders
FTP latest cutenews
Run migration script
Delete migrations folder

Have I missed a step?
Should I have used the migration feature from the cutenews dashboard > maintenance? I've had trouble with this before, where it wiped all of my posts.

Is there another reason why the posts won't auto launch?


Re: Problem with scheduling posts

Dear User!

Thanks you for your post. I should ask you one question: if the post date changes after saving? I mean 'publish date'.

Kind regards,
Support team.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Problem with scheduling posts

Hi Support Team, thanks for your reply. Today I had a post that was supposed to publish at Dec, 08 2016 07:06, it is showing in the white section of the admin area (ie as live), but not on my website. I played around a bit with example.php and the settings. All of a sudden the new post appeared.

On my real page I tried
    $PHP_SELF ="blog/default.php";
    $sortby = "latest";
    $dir = "d";
    $number = "3";
    $no_prev = "Y";
    $no_next = "Y";
    $template = "Front";
    include ("blog/show_news.php");
and it was showing posts from 28 April, then 27 April. So, the descending sort was by month A to Z rather than chronological. But, on example.php it was showing in date order, ie 8 December, 7 December, etc. It's a bit of a mystery.

I've changed tomorrows post to publish at 1am. So, will see if that's visable when I get to work. The date and time is showing as correct though when I create a new post.


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Re: Problem with scheduling posts

Hi Support, I still haven't got this working. If I click on to edit a post, and leave the date the same, then save the post will show on the page.

With example.php a scheduled post that should appear only seems to appear after I have modified a sort setting to 'latest, descending' and clicked 'check results' and the page refreshes. Still on example.php if I change to 'latest, as is', click 'check results' the new article doesn't show.

Any suggestions as to a remedy would be fabulous. Thank you.

Re: Problem with scheduling posts

I'm running php 5.5 - is this the correct version? thanks