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Full Version: [FAQ][INSTALL] CHMOD: What is it and how do I do it?
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How do I get the Cutenews files on my server?
Use a FTP client like Filezilla, SmartFTP or FireFTP. You’ll need the following information:
your username, password and ftp address.
If you’re not sure that you have all the information, needed, ask your host about it.
Once you have a FTP connection to your host's server you can start with the uploading.
The installation of CuteNews is really easy and you should do it without any problems if you
follow these steps:
  1. Create a directory on your server ( e.g. cutenews )
  2. Upload the content of the to the directory you created in step 1
  3. Now you must CHMOD (or CHMOD) the data directory and all files and folders under the data/ directory to 777 (see below for more details). This is necessary to write and edit the news and other data to the database files, and allows you to upload images to the upimages folder.
    Note that some servers (Windows types) don’t have the CHMOD options and don’t always need changing. Chmodding is usually done by selecting the file you want to CHMOD, right click and choose for real money mobile slots the option properties or permissions. Though more detailed information we cannot provide as the procedure differs from FTP client to FTP client. If you have Windows hosting, you should ask your host on how to change permissions, as the tool to do this differs from host to host, too.
  4. Finally, go to with you favorite browser and follow the instructions.

If you don't know if you have Windows hosting, don't ask your host. Try the normal chmodding first (it'll be quicker than waiting for an answer from your host)
If you get a "500 command not understood" you have Windows hosting.
Note about CHMOD values
Now this should be it. Of course there's still 1 exception. Some hosts don't allow CHMOD to 777 for security reasons. Don't worry, 755 should work for your server. You probably ask yourself why not CHMOD to 755 in the first place, if it is more secure. Sometimes, even the default CHMOD setting 644 could work and is even more secure, but it rarely works. 755 is know to work in many cases, too, but 777 in even more cases, so we choose to write down 777 in the readme.html.
Logging In
How do you login?
The same way as step 4 of the installing process in the first post of this topic.
Finally, go to with you favorite browser and follow the instructions.

The instructions meaning: entering your username and password.
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