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Topic: [FAQ] Template parts don't open

This seems to become a very popular topic so let's make it into a FAQ.
Be aware that the templates mangager requires JavaScript enabled in your browser.
For some reason even with some it still doesn't work.
then try the following in this order
<ol type='1'> * re-upload an original options.mdu.
* Hacks could cause some problem. For example this forum often splits the word javascript into Java and script. be sure that this is written correctly.
<li>Post in a topic with the following information. Maybe we can find some common link this way.

* your hacks
* your browser
* CuteNews version


For now you'll have to make templates manually.
In the data folder you'll find some .tpl files. These contain the data for the templates. Open these files (except rss.tpl, don't touch that file)
inside you shouldn't have that much problems writting your html. The following topic will help you using the CuteNews tags you may use in the template.