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I want put description and keywords in fullstory of all news. How I can?

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Hi ~ maybe you should take a look at this hack (at least for the description):

Save additionnal data with news

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I want see in tags

<meta name="keywords" content="" />


<meta name="description" content="" />

the descriptions and keywords that I want.

Like in this news, there are keywords and descriptions of the index of site.
It's correct that hack?

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Re: Description and keywords

Oh, maybe you sould try this then:

meta tag hack

This will add the category as keyword (and the title to te page title). I will do some research for the description if I have time big_smile

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Yes, like this but I should choose keywords for only specific news. I use one category for many news (like that page I'd linked, news is in a category called Full Metal Panic! Update).