Topic: Can't delete comments

I can't delete the comments (spam) as the page won't allow me to scroll down to reach the delete button.  Can anyone advise what I should do?


Re: Can't delete comments

Maybe you should try to delete it manually by the comments file (and add an anti spam hack), or use tabulation until you reach the button ^^'
Can you show a screenshot of the problem, please ? Maybe my answer will be less lame >w<

Re: Can't delete comments

Thanks Junjae.  I replaced comments.txt with the original empty comments.txt.  I'm looking at the anti-spam hacks now.

Thanks again

Re: Can't delete comments

The described problem could be the result of an unshown warning like 'date expected paramater...' see 'common warning error' topic.
Your server logs could probably help you pin down the problematic code.