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Topic: Titles in different pages

I want to take this mod:


and make it so that I can pass page titles into the replace function in shows.inc.php

I figured it was something like this:

$page_array = explode("[pagebreak +" + $page_title + "]", $page_title, $news_arr[4]);

then of course adding in the "$page_title" in the code that goes below so that whatever is put into the [pagebreak + XXXX] tag in add news shows on each page. Therefore you could have several pages in the same news article with different names per page.

If I can sort this out, I plan then to show a dropbox box with different page numbers and their titles, along with the "Next >>" and "<< Previous" like this:

<< Previous [DROPDOWN BOX] Next >>


I believe if we can correct this it should also be placed in that thread as an advanced option and it would compliment that code nicely.