Topic: Incorporating cutenews-script into the website

My problem refers to my website on which I've installed OmegaBB, a simple cms. Section "News" correlates there with news.html. My wish is to use cutenews instead of changing the code in html. I've tried to use PHP in HTML using News integration option but the output file must be PHP. I've also tried to find some lines in OmegaBB files (index.php and others) related to the file news.html in order to replace it with php file, but without any success. Could you help me?

Thank you
Peter, Poland

Re: Incorporating cutenews-script into the website

Sorry, i don't know OmegaBB or how it works.
My guess is that news.html is an actual php page that shows as news.html due to url rewritting.
I'm no fan of iframes, but couldn't you use an iframe to load CN's show_news.php?

Or use a JQUERY ajax call to load all the content of CN's show_news.php