Topic: Change the way smilies are displayed in CN


I changed the smilies in CN into some bigger ones (ca.70x70px).
But now there is a looooong column next to the shortstory-area with just 1 smiley per row.
I want to have more than 1 smiley in a row even if they are bigger than the normal CN-smileys.
Where can I change this and how?

Thank you

PS: I've got an additional question, but that is not so important. Is there any way to have this: : ) or : ( or ^ ^ (etc., without the "space") changed into a smiley, automatically instead of :smileyname:?

Re: Change the way smilies are displayed in CN

or use css to shrink the smileys back to their original format in the selection areas.
Then you don't need to hunt down the html between the php coding, and only need to add a line of css to the ksin file in the slins folder.