Topic: Importing Feeds in Cutenews

Hello everybody. Here is my problem:

I've been tring to import feeds from different websites in cutenews, and i used this hack.

I't works quiet fine. But i still have a couple of problem that i would like to solve.

1. I have this message:
Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home/a2085238/public_html/cmscn/cutenews.1.4.7/inc/main.mdu on line 24

at the begining of the Home page and the editnews page.

Here a screen shot --->>

2. It imports the news like this: On the short story 3 or 4 lines of text from the news imported. and on the full story, only the link to the website where the news is kept. What i would like is the full knows to show, before the link to the website where the news is kept, part of the text of the news as shown in the short news. Let's say 20% of the real article, and after that, the link to it.

I hope somebody can help me, since i'm not very confident in PHP.


Re: Importing Feeds in Cutenews

nobody knows how to solve my problem?

Re: Importing Feeds in Cutenews