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I have the problem if I have too many News I get the error:

Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /usr/export/www/hosting/megannicolefans/cutenews/inc/ on line 117

I know that this is caused by the new PHP version. But what can I do to solve the problem?


Re: Deprecated: Function split()

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Re: Deprecated: Function split()

I've already read this and did this but if I do this on the top of the news I get those thingies: 

Edit: Also if I do this, after I have the maximum of 5 news per page it doesn't start the 2nd page. It just archives every news after the 5th. And in the options it says it's just archiving once per month and not after the maximum news per page are reached.

Edit: okey I've solved the problem with those signs but there is still the problem that it's autoarchiving after the maximum of (for me) 5 news is reached and it doesn't start the 2nd page.