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I'm having a problem.

I login then it works to login. I can see the pages … 0dd516.jpg

But when pressing on one of the pages like "Add News" "Options" etc.. Puts me back to the login page ;|

I used the "Feedback form" for like 3 days ago but haven't got any reply so I will ask here.

Any ideas?

Re: Logging in > Getting logged out.

such a problem often occurs when someone changes the foldername where CN is located.
Doing a logout directly after login in should solve that.

Another cause could be that there is a php error/warning. But that your host has opted to hide those messages.
This could result in your browser not writting a cookie to save your login session.
Checkign the server logs for any possible errors regarding CN files could point you in th right direction and is possibly fixable using this thread

Re: Logging in > Getting logged out.

Well I tried logging in and logging out fast but didn't help.

Also, There are no error_log. That's created auto when there are errors.

Re: Logging in > Getting logged out.

Works now.