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Topic: Any rater for cutenews ?

Hello, I'm searching for rating scripts for cutenews, something like a star rater, add to favorite or tumbs up tumbs down mod. Does it exist ?

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Re: Any rater for cutenews ?

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Thank you for contacting us.  Please consider this link:  http://amjos.com/cutemod/

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Re: Any rater for cutenews ?

Hi, thank you but I can't manage to find what I'm searching for on this website, do you have a precise link to the post ? Maybe I didn't search well.

Re: Any rater for cutenews ?


Re: Any rater for cutenews ?

Hi, thanks for the link, it seems interesting but doesn't it require a database ? I was more thinking of something integrated in cutenews, with the ratings in news.txt or another file so I can change the code how I want and sort by ratings and number or raters ~

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