Topic: link to title (& 1 more)

Hi everyone !!
I'm trying to solve 2 issues with my installation

I'd like the title of each story to work as a link and open the story in a new window
Could you tell me how to remove in each story the text of the comments and of the author ?

thx in advance

Re: link to title (& 1 more)

1. Options > Edit templates, in the template "Active News" change {title} to  [link]{title}[/link] but in this case the news will be opened in the same window.
If you write  [full-link]{title}[/full-link] and at Options > System Configuration > News > Show Full Story In PopUp you point Yes! so the news will be opened in a new window but only in case if there is Full story!  If there is not, so the link and the title of the text won't be seen.
2. Delete from the template  Full story the fields  {comments-num} and {author}

Best regards,
CN Support team