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Topic: Add News Layout / Additional Fields


I've just started setting up my website with CuteNews for the first time, and so far it's been real easy and I've got it working with my website nicely.

I am using a whole lot of additional fields (17 in total) that the Editor fills in when making the news (the data is used to display a table along with the news). The problem is this makes the Add News page look real bad, as all the fields are just stacked one after the other and all bunched to the left with no formatting. See this screenshot, and imagine 17 of those.. It would looks much better if I could have some fields side by side to fill up that white space, and arrange them nicely.

I have looked through all the CuteNews files trying to find a way to edit the way the Add News page (addnews.php?) looks, but could not find anything.
Looking through the forums I found some things that may or may not have helped - xfields and a hack by FUNimations, but these all appear to be for an older version of CuteNews

The fields work very well, and everything displays correctly in the actual news article - it is just the Add News page that i would like to edit. Is this possible?