Topic: PDF File Uploads?

I have a User that wants to be able to upload our newsletters (PDF format) to the news system and be able to post them as if they are an image to have a clickable link for the general public to download, I also would like it to upload the PDF files to a seperate folder than images when they are posted such as /newsletters/ instead of /images/ or whatever

We're using 1.5.0 beta on our site

Any help would be great, I'm not fantastic with PHP so I'm not sure where to start...

Re: PDF File Uploads?

I would like to CuteNews for a client site. We have to be able to upload and link to pdf files through Cute News. I'm not finding any way to do that. I see you asked the same question here but I don't see any replies. If anyone has a way to do this, can you please post it here?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: PDF File Uploads?

It would be easy for the cutenews authors to add in the facility for using CKFinder with CKEditor editor.
It would only need the option to be implemented in the control panel with a suitable template file in the base_skins add and edit news.

CKEditor with CKFinder allows the uploading of PDF files but CKFinder needs a licence if you want the facility of different directories, so this is probably why the cutenews authors have not included it.

It is possible to change the existing templates to incorporate  CKFinder and you can then upload images and PDFs.
I can post how to do this if you are interested.

Re: PDF File Uploads?

The cutenews Authors have already added ckfinder to the plugins.
It runs in demo mode unless you buy a licence.