Topic: News Category Icon wont show!?

Hello, i updated to the new version 1.5.
I had an Icon for every Category, but now in the 1.5 version it dont show on the news page!?

Sorry for my bad english...

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Re: News Category Icon wont show!?

How did you show that icon for every category before? The normal way is the following:
1. Define a category URL in Options > Edit Categories
2. Add {category-icon} to the template.

Therefore, please
1. check that there is indeed a category icon set in your categories at Options > Edit Categories (the icons should be displayed there)
2. check that {category-icon} is in the correct(!) template, if you use multiple ones.

If everything seems good, please share a link to your site and we'll look further.

For the record, if English is a problem (not that it seems that way!), I'm a native German speaker. Your English seems great, though, so I suggest we stick to English so that other people can understand and contribute to the problem.

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Re: News Category Icon wont show!?

Hi, i dont change anything. I think it looks all right, but the icons wont schow in the news.
I have many old News but there are no icons anymore...

icon example:


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Re: News Category Icon wont show!?

Thanks — what's your template code for "Active News" ? My money is on that there is no {category-icon} in the template(s).

Or the articles aren't in any category

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Re: News Category Icon wont show!?

Könntest Du mir das vielleicht nochmal auf Deutsch schreiben, blick da grad nicht so durch

Edit: Ah, den Template Code hab ich gefunden, muss ich da was ändern!? Found the Template Code, what do i have to change!?

<div style="width:420px; margin-bottom:30px;">
<div><strong>{title}</strong> {star-rate}</div>

<div style="text-align:justify; padding:3px; margin-top:3px; margin-bottom:5px; border-top:1px solid #D3D3D3;">{short-story}</div>

<div style="float: right;">[edit]Edit[/edit] [full-link]Read more[/full-link] | [com-link]{comments-num} Comments[/com-link]</div>

<div><em>Posted on {date} by {author}</em></div>

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Re: News Category Icon wont show!?

Danke vielmals!

Damit das Bild für die Kategorien erscheint, musst du {category-icon} in den Templates verwenden. Dieser Code wird dann mit dem jeweiligen Kategorie-Icon ersetzt, so wie {author} dann zum Autor wird oder {date} zum Datum.


[loose translation]
The tag {category-icon} has to be in the templates for category icons to be shown. The tag will be replaced with the actual category icon later on, in the same way that {author} will bethe actual author or {date} the date.

Re: News Category Icon wont show!?

Vielen Dank! Thank You!

Problem solved

Ps.: Maybe you can help me with my other Problem also!?

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