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Topic: Issues with integration to site

Hello Cutenews community !

I'm a new Cutenews user and am trying since yesterday to resolve some weird issue.
My version is the latest : 1.5.1.

So, I succesfuly generated the code to paste onto my site.
I did so and the news content is displayed correctly, author and comment count as well but not the date and there's no comment form as well.

Posted on by Uroz

Everything has been left default, I didn't modify any option !

Many thanks in advance

Re: Issues with integration to site

Dear user!

Could you please send screenshots ot be more precise about the problem?

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Issues with integration to site

As you can see, the date is not being shown and when I click on "0 comments", a new page loads where no comment form is shown.


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