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Topic: Can not see or get up any News pagination

Well I've just installed the latest version of the CuteNews. And everything has gone really well. But I have seen that I have no news pagination tallest bottom of the page.

For example; << Previous 1 2 3 Next >>

I've tried to put six posts to the test to see if the news pagination would come up. And I've checked the "Options - System configurations" to see where there is any function that allows me to put on the news Pagination. But I can not find anything. What have I missed? hmm

So if there is anyone who knows where I should do to get my news agination it would be worth gold.
Thank you very much in advance.

It fixed itself out of itself, I noticed. After the sixth post so did pagination popped up . So now everything is hunky-dory.
But thanks so much for your attention.