Topic: A couple of questions

Hello, I'm working on a blog website and I have a few questions, If anybody could help me out that would be great!

1. Is it possible to assign extra values to a writer? for example {bio} that would then display a brief description of them?
2. Has the support for Executable PHP been fixed in 1.5.2? I keep trying to add it inside my template, but when I do part of the code dissapears.
3. What are the additional field options for?

Sorry for my obliviousness!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: A couple of questions

Can anybody help me with this?

Re: A couple of questions

1 "additional field" is actually "extra values". Field with the name bio let you paste in the template {bio} and get the information from the additional news field.
2 Executable PHP isn't held in the Cutenews tenplates.

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