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Topic: Captcha no Recognized image

I'm using UTF 8 Cutenews fro m ¨Korn9¨ Great Job! and runs fine on local server, the problem is that the upload does not recognize the Captcha image.

The image is displayed correctly, but when inserted in the field does not recognize, it seems that some file is missing captcha check

My index.php where is include code.


require('./cutenews/captcha/php-captcha.inc.php'); ?>

and include...

$pre_include = ob_get_clean();
$number = "4";
$category = 10;
$template = "Default";

capcha folder and I had to change this line code add ./ to display the image

$aFonts = array('./VeraMoBd.ttf');

I think it is path problem, the captcha image is displayed correctly, only fails when typing letters and sending comments, it's like it never recognizes the image.