Topic: Help Me Understand Cute and Google

I'm not very familiar with cute, but I'm fairly literate with HTML / CSS. I'm no good with PHP either.

The issue I'm dealing with is that a site that I'm trying to fix was set up to have one page that is basically a blog. The page goes on and on all the way back to entries from 2006. What I would really prefer is for the page to show a feed with the latest posts (say 5, I think I can figure that out in cute) and for the rest to be accessible by something like a "view older posts" button.

I would like for each post to have it's own URL so that it can be indexed individually by Google. Right now no posts are being indexed. It's a shame that he has been adding content since 2006 that isn't helping him.

Also he is adding photos to his posts that are not showing up.

I basically want it to work just like a wordpress blog.

Can someone point me in the right direction?