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Topic: Images not working


I've just downloaded (from the main link on the homepage) and installed Cutenews (within 2 hours of this post).

I have used Cutenews in the past, but it was well over a year ago, it worked fine for me then.

The permissions check was fine during installation.

The problem is that I upload an image using the media manager, then when I try to use it in a post, it displays fine in the editor but the second I hit the "Edit" it vanishes and does not appear in the news feed.

Text seems to be fine, it's just images.

What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Oh, i've enabled and am using CKEditor. I haven't checked if the issue occurs using the 'normal' editor, but either way, I have a couple of other very inexperienced people who will be adding/editing news and I really want to be able to use CKEditor.

Also, I tested in Firefox and Iron (Chrome/Chromium based), same result in both.