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Topic: CuteNews 2.0 some mistakes

hey i am new to work with cute news.
it is "easy" to use cute news as background software to manage pages and so on, but i have some troubles with this software.

first, i can not use HTML. If i pick up the HTML box over the publish boxes and use HTML tag in the editor (table for example) it cuts my typed text and the html code.

and then,  i can not use the bb codes for hyperlinks normally. in edit it shows like that

|| [link=spielinhalt_masseffect3.php]Mass Effect 3[/link]
|| [link=spielinhalt_diesims3.php]Die Sims 3[/link]

in the front it shows like that

|| [link=spielinhalt_masseffect3.php]Mass Effect 3 [/link]|| [link=spielinhalt_diesims3.php]Die Sims 3[/link]

the first [/link] is visible and the first link ends with the second [/link]

i hope i can explain me understandable :s