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As no response was forthcoming from any of the support crew to what I found to be a major issue that disrupted the operation of two of my sites, I have spent the last 48 hours examining why:

* inserting links failed and broke the text of the story
* facebook/twitter etc plugins failed to work
* justifying text jumbled the content

and many more less worrisome but nonetheless annoying bugs

The solution?

DO NOT MIGRATE FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS TO VERSION 2 as detailed in the installation/upgrade/migrate help instructions

This causes all of the issues I have referred to.

Back up your previous version to you PC, ensuring that you have all uploaded files and images saved as well. Rename the live website root folder to ****bak (important)

Install a fresh version (you can use the same root folder name as the original installation to avoid rebuilding any links on your site).
Log in and create your admin account and ensure all is working correctly by posting a few test items.

When you are sure it is working correctly log out, and you now have two options:

1. If you did not make any changes to the Cutenews files in cdata, upload the old cdata folder to the new installation.
    Log in and check if you have the correct categories/users showing. If not, go to Maintenance and convert the previous installation

2. If you did make changes to any cdata files, upload those files after you are sure all is working OK.

Likewise if you customised any core folder files.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issues I have been encountering.

It has cleared all errors on my two separate installations.

Except for one issue - inserting links do not work in IE11 - this is a bug of Internet Explorer and not Cutenews.

Cheers !