Topic: [PATCH] CuteNews 2.0 Github Update Notes

Over many months, there has been quite a few significant updates to fix major bugs and errors that had plague CuteNews 2.0. Below is a loose list of updates and new functions that has been updated to CuteNews 2.0 in Github. Please take note that this list do not contain everything that had been added to Github.

Lists are based on Github as of 16 Feb 2014.

Major Fixes
1. A large amount of news text will disappear when you edit the news. This has been fixed.
2. Tagline pagination will generate an extra page even though there isn't any news for it to generate. This has been fixed.
3. Addition field disappearance has been addressed and fixed. Now addition field should not disappear anymore.
4. Search function has been optimized to allow it to search for uppercase/lowercase.
5. Images will no longer auto resize after uploading.
6. There was some conflicting issues with the default template and the new template that you created. This has been fixed.

New Functions
1. Truncate has been added to CuteNews 2.0. You can now use the variable [truncate=X][/truncate] where X is the number of words you want to display to shorten your news.
2. Anchor has been added to the template variables. To learn how to use it, refer to