Topic: cutenews 2.0.1

Didn't use cutenews long time, but recently d/led the 2.0.1 version, and at attempt to add some new users via Users manager, it just failed.
The thing is, it say that all went good and the user were add, but i couldn't see any... including my self(admin) at the list of Users manager.
May be i'm doin' something wrong, due to late hour, god knows, but i've checked everything.
would be nice to have some support over here

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Re: cutenews 2.0.1

jesus, i can't see comments as well at 2.0.1 hmm
checked the settings, everydamnthing. what 'ta hell...
template as default, didn't even touch it.
at the short story the link for the comments r active and it's shown how much there is, but when i click it, the full story appears without comments hmm