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Topic: URL Problems in Full Story

Hello, I have a dynamic web and I’ve been trying to implement cutenews but the links to Full Story displays me error, here goes by steps:

1.- The links of my website normally are like this  index.php?page=news (files are taken from the folder /public_html/modules/news.php ....  and /public_html/index.php have the includes using switch statment)

2.- These are rewritten with mod_rewrite and are like this: /news/ (something like that in my .htacces: RewriteRule ^([^/]+)$ index.php?page=$1 [L,QSA] )


3.- My cutenews folder is in: /public_html/cutenews

4.- The cutenews include is in: /public_html/modules/news.php

5.- Then, I add a news with the alias "notice"

6.- When I visit the rewritten link /news/ it shows up the list of news,  but the Full Story link has an error in every entry, it shows up like index/notice.html when it should be /news/notice.html, and that brings me to a blank page.

My .htacces generated with Rewrite section inside System Configuration

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /cutenews/show_news.php?cn_rewrite_url=$1 [L]

My include to cutenews in the folder  modules/news.php


    $number = 5;
    $only_active = TRUE;


Thanks for attention and the help

Re: URL Problems in Full Story

Assuming you are using CuteNews 2.1,

Did you write the correct pathing to your news? Under "Rewrite" module there is this particular setting called "Real path to your layout file", the pathing should be based on page where your news will appear. For example,


Re: URL Problems in Full Story

that's right, it's the version 2.0.1

and my options under rewrite module are like:

Real path to your layout file  /home/usersite/public_html/modules/news.php
Rewrite prefix   /news/

the url to the Full Story  remains with error  /index/notice.php


Thank you for the answer.

Re: URL Problems in Full Story

Is your htaccess file located in public_folder folder?

Re: URL Problems in Full Story


in /public_html/.htaccess

Re: URL Problems in Full Story

To narrow down the problem, can you put the Cute news include in public_HTML instead of modules folder and test it out?

Re: URL Problems in Full Story

thanks for the reply,

I did that, but still the same problem with the url :C

takes the "index" address instead of the URL "news"

Thanks you for your patience.

Re: URL Problems in Full Story


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