Topic: [HELP] Image in Admin Area Header

Hi Team,
I am trying to add a static image to the Header of the Admin Area.

Ideally, I want to show the same image (static) across all pages of the Admin Area. Refer to the attached file: the image should appear where the red box is.

Any suggestions?

Re: [HELP] Image in Admin Area Header

picture of what size?

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Re: [HELP] Image in Admin Area Header




<div class="header-text">{header-text}</div>

replaced by


<div class="header-text"><img align="left" src="images.png">{header-text}</div>

images.png placed in a folder

ps. this is a common header admin, so the image will be everywhere

Re: [HELP] Image in Admin Area Header

That's perfect, Tisat. Thank you!

I have noticed that the header does not resize based on the image size. For this reason, I am using an image that is 50px height.

Once again, thank you!