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Topic: 403 on HTML posting

I just upgraded to the latest cutenews version.  I was able to post 'test' news just fine.  However, as soon as I place in anything with HTML, I get a 403 error and have no idea what it would work without HTML but not with HTML (Regardless if I check the html box or not)

any help would be appreciated.

update: does not appear to be limited to html.  It appears something else is going on.  Sometimes it accepts.  Other times I get the 403.  Cant figure out a reason though.  "test1234 56" worked.  As soon as I start typing something logical...error.

update: almost seems as if there are certain words that are causing this error.  I am able to type all kinds of stuff.  But it seems like if I say logical words or a sentence I get the error.  Frustrating.

Re: 403 on HTML posting

Please specify your web server. This problem is related to the functioning of a web server, not CuteNews.

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