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Topic: Metatags in Fullstory


first of all, thank you for the great script. I searched many hours for something like that and it is exactly what i want!

I used the integration wizard and just want to use seperate meta tags for every full story. If I click on fullstory, the site title and description of the main news site will be shown. I think for future updates, it would be nice to have just 2 fields for that in the full story and a second code for the header.

In the meanwhile is there are any trick to fix that?

Would it also be possible in that sense to use the "tags" (from the admin panel below the full story) for the keyword meta tag?
(I know google do not use them, but I would need it for my search bar script, because I can not use the cute news search function for it, while having more static html content). I think it would also great here to have the news files in the data folder not as encrypted version, because file search scripts can't read that!

So I want to found another way for now. I would be very thankful for help!

Greetings from Germany

Re: Metatags in Fullstory


i found how I can add the news title in the title tag here.

Also I found there a way how I could use a description, but wait there for reply how I can use the short story for it.

I would be still happy for an idea, how I could use the tags below the full story for the keyword meta tag, but I will post this question in the thread above. Thank you!

Sorry, for this topic here, I searched before in this forum, but was not able to find the right solution.

The topic above helped me, thank you for attention.