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Topic: Show URL (email) in comments

Hello again,

is it possible to show the URL (email), which will be filled in the comment form to show in the comments, beside the name?

I mean the same field as the email field, because I use it for URL, through the option in the admin panel, which allows me that.


Re: Show URL (email) in comments

I am nearly done with the installation of this script.

It would be nice to get some help!

I still see no reason for users to fill in the email in the comment section!

For what is it?

Also there is the option in the admin panel "Use email as URL"...

Still the question, for what is it good?

The comments do not show this field! - So please explain how to do that...

I think it should not be so difficult to give some help here.


Re: Show URL (email) in comments

Email is required for user identification. The system checks whether the user has been registered before. Currently, it is mandatory for user to provide their email in comments. We'll fix this behavior with the nearest update.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Show URL (email) in comments

Okay, thank you for your answer!

Let me know about that update, if you remember me...

A second field for the url would be wonderful!