Topic: .htaccess change path

Okay I'm just getting crazy....I've installed a new cutenews in my space and instead of creating a new htaccess in the main folder it get the one located in the main folder where the main cutenews works!!
How can I change the root path to the second .htaccess cutenews?!?!


Main CuteNews locaded in "home/cutenews"

Second CuteNews located in "home/private-area/cutenews" gets this .htaccess path

instead of

Waiting for a help.


Re: .htaccess change path

I believe it can not be changed. when you first install the application(CuteNews) it will ask where you want to the .htaccess to be saved. im guessing since you have only just installed it you could uninstall and install again but choosing the new location where you want it saved.

Re: .htaccess change path

I've installed 2 cutenews in 2 different directories and no one asked me where to put the htacces...the second one directly got the same used by the first main I've I guess there must be something that tells where to get/create the htaccess

Re: .htaccess change path

Anyone else?