Topic: 2.0.4 Pagination problem

I have a problem with a pagination on my website: (see the bottom)

When you click on a number nothing happened even though it has a large number of posts.

My code on index.php

    $number = 10;
    $PHP_SELF = "news.php";

On news.php



On Sistem configuration -  Rewrite is:
Real path to your layout file - poruka.php
Rewrite prefix: /poruka/


Re: 2.0.4 Pagination problem

Dear Simee,

Please try to disable caching. This is to be done in core/init.php.

The part where caching enabling is controlled should look like:

define('CACHE_DISABLE', true); // disable cache

Please contact us again via this topic if this doesn't help.

Best regards,
CN Support team