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I have integrated cutenews in my homepage at two different pages for easy updating (using different categories).

My page is and my newsfeed is on the index page and Projekt-page.
Problem is that the next page "button" (Nästa) is directing me to the loginpage for administrating cutenews, cant figure out why

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Re: Pagination problem

Try to paste $PHP_SELF = '/index.php'; before  include show_news.php

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Re: Pagination problem

Tried that now and gets

Not Found

The requested URL /newsindex.php was not found on this server.

Looks like this now in my index.php

$PHP_SELF = 'index.php';

Re: Pagination problem

Then, try $PHP_SELF = '/index.php';

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Re: Pagination problem

Doesnt work either, still getting directed to cute admin page

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Re: Pagination problem

Got it working now.
When i added $PHP_SELF = '/index.php'; it didnt work

Then just in chance i tried $PHP_SELF = '../index.php'; and got a 404-error that it wanted /news../index.php

Then it hit me, went to the controlpanel and general settings:

Full URL to CuteNews directory

i thaught it wanted my "News"-folder (

byt changed to just


Re: Pagination problem

The full URL to your Cutenews should be

Re: Pagination problem

Should yes, but doesn't work

But as i said, just works like a charm, so for me its problem solved and im happy

Re: Pagination problem

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