Topic: Cannot edit or delete comments?


it's been a while since I updated to Cutenews 2.0.4.
Okay, that may sound a bit stupid but where can I delete or edit comments?
The comments section on the dashboard only shows the entries but no possibility to edit or delete.
When I'm going to edit a news entry there's no button or link for editing or deleting comments.
I already read an article where someone had the same question but I don't understand the answer. Someone said I could delete comments on the "news page". What does that mean?
I'm searching for a possibility to edit the comments for so long but I just gave up. Could someone PLEASE help me?

Re: Cannot edit or delete comments?

Dear User,

Firstly, the comments can be moderated only by a moderator. You should have an account as a moderator and log in.

Please send screenshots of the form.

Another problem is that settings are lost in 'Permission'. Please check /index.php?mod=main&opt=group permissions to delete and edit comments.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Cannot edit or delete comments?

Same problem here. Are you going to fix this isue?