Topic: Can't delete some articles

I have some news articles that don't appear in the Dashboard and they aren't archived.  Yet with show_news.php they are showing up with the other articles that are in Dashboard.  These are older articles that I simply want to delete but I can't find a way to get rid of them.  I think they may be hanging out from when I upgraded to 2.0.4.  I have tried to search for the DB file but can't find where the test of those posts are stored.  Help please!

Re: Can't delete some articles

u need to do again. Good luck to u

Re: Can't delete some articles

Could you elaborate by "again"?  Re-install Cutenews or delete everything and re-enter the articles?  I would prefer the later if I can be sure to delete everything.

Re: Can't delete some articles

Manual deletion of articles avoiding Dashboard is hard to perform as articles contents are encrypted and can't be read. Articles are stored in cdata/news/YYYY-mm-dd.php files. If you are sure that articles by certain date can be deleted and they are absent from Dashboard, the file with the date can be removed.

If you know the IDs of the articles to be deleted a direct access to them from Dashboard can be used:


The ID - is the article number (here 1514116476 - is an example). This variant is a bit more complicated.

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