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One of the easiest things you can do as a social media marketer is to optimize your social media profiles. It only takes a few minutes to improve a social media profile, and most of the optimizations can be implemented when you first create the account.

Here are recommendations to help optimize your social media profiles with Simplified Social Media Optimization

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your thread and it's really good to hear about something interesting, especially when I'm looking for some search engine optimization ways to boost ranking for this my website. I have created social media profiles for this website, but don't know clearly how to optimize it to make it attractive both in terms of human visits and search engine ranking.

I will be quite happy and thankful if you care to provide some more details on how I can go social and have benefits with my site's profiles.

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Hi Joseph,

Good to hear from you. Social media is one of the best tools for marketing today. We can help you optimize your website for visitors and search engines. Social Media Marketing is one of our services that businesses trusted, from creating profiles to campaign.

It's a pleasure if we work together for your website.

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Hi I have a new project I am working on which is Managing social media for a custom Google Map of Panama.
The map requires "location services" be enabled and will display businesses in closest proximity to the smart device
displaying the map.

The problem is the page is all map and has no text on the page until the device location is determined which has resulted in the url of the map not being found in search engines only the the social media sites it is mentioned on. Since this in not our page we are unable to alter the content; any ideas would be greatly appreciated....thank you.

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JosephCarroll not sure why you are referring to SEO? Alex21 is on about optimising social media profiles and Social media does not impact on the SEO performance of a website

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I'm puzzled as to what the point of optimising a social media profile is? What are optimising it for? Are you expecting a profile to be find in a search?

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did you try this company before ?!

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Totally agree with the comments about there being no point in optimising  social media profiles. What are you optimising them for.?They will never compete with website pages in the search engines they have too little content