Topic: Getting to Know Your Personal Protection Equipment!

Getting to know the Personal Protection Tool is needed by workers and employers. Personal Protection Equipment is a tool used to protect someone. Functioning to reduce part or all of the body from potential hazards in the workplace.

Companies and workers alike must know about work safety in accordance with applicable standards, one of which is by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is in accordance with the standard.

For a worker, work safety is one of the main things that need attention. Occupational Health and Safety (K3) is also regulated in the Manpower Act.

This obligation is contained in Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Regulation No. Per.08 / Men / VII / 2010 concerning produces Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). And employers are required to provide Personal Protection Equipment in accordance with Indonesian National Standards (SNI) for their workers.

For the completeness of Personal Protection Equipment usually consists of:

- Eye Protection
Serves to protect the eye from exposure to particles floating in the air or even in water, splashing small objects, hot objects or hot steam, blocking the direct beam of light into the eye, collisions, and hard and sharp objects.

- Respiratory Mask
Serves to protect respiratory organs by filtering out chemicals, micro-organisms, dust particles, aerosols, steam, smoke, or gas.

- Ear Protector
Useful to protect the ears from high enough sound sources. This is intended because the ear is not able to hold the sound in high intensity and deafening.

- Gloves
Serves to protect the fingers from fire, heat, cold, radiation, electrical current, chemicals, collisions, blows, sharp scratches or infection from pathogenic substances such as viruses and bacteria.

- Protective Helmet
Serves to protect the head from impact, blow, or fall of sharp and heavy objects that float or glide in the air, can also protect the head from heat radiation, fire, splashes of chemicals or extreme temperatures.

- Protective Shoes
Serves to protect the foot from collisions or crushed by heavy objects, sharp objects, exposed to hot or cold liquids, hot steam, dangerous chemicals or slippery surfaces.

- Safety Belt and Strap
Serves to limit the movement of workers so as not to fall or detach from the desired position.

- Protector Face
Serves to protect the face from exposure to hazardous chemicals, particles that float in air or water, splash of small objects, heat or hot steam, impact or blow hard or sharp objects, and the emission of light.

This condition must be taken into account. If it is damaged or cannot function properly, it must be destroyed immediately. Some also have a lifetime, so care must be paid more attention to and the time of purchase and the usage period.

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